Procurement specialist

Become a member of the technical adviser team during the Proposal and evaluation phase for two joint ventures  Organise the pre-award procurement and material management effort associated with a large contract and with specific focus on local content requirements and the creation of approved vendor lists with two bidders and securing the input of the local content authorities during the journey 
Define process and identify deliverables associated with local content requirements  Ensuring activities are captured in a roadmap and used to drive internal schedule commitments  Form a constructive and clear interface into the in-country local content development team  Proactively contribute to the development of the owner and contractors local content plans  Coordinate cross-functional co-operation to address local content issues  Maintain excellent relationships with stakeholders  Participate and if necessary lead the efforts associated with town-halls, workshops, fairs and on-line advertising of the project for prospective local companies  Excellent experience in the evaluation of capabilities and capacity and experience of prospective local companies  Support the use of own approved vendor list where appropriate  Understand the business including market capacity and capability, local content opportunities, risk exposure and the overall project schedule, and ultimately value  Interact and develop submissions and supporting documents for obtaining approvals from external and internal stakeholders  Interface with Company Contracting & Procurement & Material Management SMEs  Follow up with the tenderers to guide and influence the quality and credibility and efficient execution content of their lump-sum proposals as they relate to local content, procurement and materials management  Prepare lump-sum proposal evaluation reports, ensure peer reviews, defend the content and obtain approval  Throughout the phase co-operate with Legal department to ensure anti-trust and local content issues are fully identified, understood and addressed 

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