Technology Specialist - Product Architect

The Product Architect is part of two Product teams - Robotics and Automation & Rapid Application Development and is one of the professionals who do the work of delivering a potentially releasable increment of the product at the end of each sprint. Product Teams are structured and empowered by the organization to organize and manage their own work. The resulting synergy optimizes the Product Team’s overall efficiency and effectiveness. Product Architect owns the end-to-end architecture for the product. He understands Product Owners needs and converts them into solution architecture specifications in line with overall architectural standards and roadmaps. Key Responsibilities:
Formulates the architecture & design based on functional and non-functional requirements, balancing the goals and constraints on the solution; Collaborates with Domain and Enterprise Architect on the solution design to ensure it conforms to overall architectural vision and technical roadmap; Conducts continuous improvement analysis on existing application architectures and identifies architectural optimizations; Verifies the implementation—ensure the delivered system is consistent with the agreed architecture, and meet the requirements. Ensures consistency of the overall solution; Works with the Product Owner to understand, elicit, analyze, document and communicate program and platform/application requirements; Participates in the selection of new technologies; Provides guidance and coaching to other product team members on changes throughout the design process; Manages the quality of the solution and technical debt; Identifies potential bottlenecks and their underlying causes that affect the product and proposes how to resolve these; Maintains awareness of emerging technologies, industry trends, and architecture best practices; and evaluate them for applicability; Keep up with relevant developments in own functional area and ensure development, transfer and retention of knowledge. Is together with team members end-to-end responsible to deliver the value of a single Product through the entire Product life cycle; Deliver working product enhancements with the allocated timescale and quality standards that minimize rework and aspire a zero defect culture; Is self-organising with other team members. There is no separate management layer, work is planned and executed by the team; Is multidisciplinary – ensuring that the key competencies and expertise needed to develop, build, deploy and support the Product are embedded in the team; Is responsible for ensuring the overall standards and best practices are adhered by (i.e. Quality, Compliance); Is a dedicated team member that remain assigned to the Product Team over longer periods of time; Is a tech-savvy team member who develops products with innovative elements; Is willing to help other team members with removing impediments; Is able to reduce complexity of the work that has to be done.

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