Development Manager

For this position, we are looking for someone who will
Monitor the performance of the software supplier(s) per contract;

Draft and monitor software Service Level Agreement (SLA);

Manage the execution of the software contract (assessment, intakes, assignments, RFCs, invoicing, instructions et cetera);
Ensure the necessary thorough knowledge and resource availability within Glencore Agriculture to assess the supplier's performance;
Ensure an adequate and effective relationship with the supplier;
Ensure that the intended benefits of the software contracts are actually realized (business cases);
Monitor needed changes within the Glencore organization and changes in the (external) circumstances and determine the relevant consequences and translate them into necessary changes in the contract and the relationship;
Periodically assess suppliers (vendor rating) whether they continue to meet the requirements, maintain their position in the market, respond to new developments, et cetera;
Draft and discuss the annual plans;
Draft and discuss application portfolio...

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